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These are people I have worked with and are among the most talented designers I have ever known.
I will be adding to this page but, obviously, the source material is limited.
I have known and worked with Tom Semple for about forty years and there has never been another
talent like his in my experience. Some of these images are what he considered ROUGHS, which
should give you a clue as to his dedication to complete excellence.
On the left, a spectacular rendering by Bruce Campbell, a very
talented gentleman.

On the right, the presentation rendering by Robert Bauer for the
iconic Nissan X-Terra. His roof rack, combined with Doug Wilson's
body design concept, established a pivotal design, elevated
Nissan's truck program and created a fresh standard for light SUVs
Early in NDI's development, we found and hired Doug Wilson. He is such an amazing
talent that it is a pleasure to show a sample of his design work here.
Another Robert Bauer drawing
Hiren Patel
Jackie Chang
Randy Rodriguez
Giovanny Arroba
I wish I had more images on my computer to share but I don't.
Gary Smith, in addition to being a great designer (automotive AND product), has created the BEST website around on the history of modern car
design.  Recently he put a lot of it into his fantastic book which is a must for any student of this field.
Bill Porter is a giant talent, maybe the very best. He hired me from
college to work at General Motors Design Staff and was probably my
most influential mentor. His work speaks for itself and he was so good
that he never had to distort or exaggerate his drawings (the ones
shown were rescued from a dumpster at GM back in the late 70s).
Also his sense of form, as evidenced in the dragster model, is
creative and pure.
I never met Hideo Kodama but was always so impressed with his
design work and artistry. He worked at GM OPEL where these artworks
were created (found on Google Image search).
  Gerald Hirshberg was a friend, boss and mentor for over forty years, at GM and Nissan. He passed away
this spring and left a tremendous legacy at Nissan Design America (originally called Nissan Design
International) and the design field in general. He was also a talented designer, painter and writer.
  Most of the work below was work done at GM.